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    Why Us
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    Quick response
    customer demands driven, to help our customers gain the competitive edge in the market. We can complete customer’s inquiry and offer the efficient quotation within 1 working day,  within 4 hours to deal with the emergency customer complaints in the Pearl River Delta Area.
    Specicial processing
    we are equipped with all kinds of high quality equipment, experienced technology team, we are able to solve the complex processing problems for our customers.
    Cost control
    whether it is single, small batch or mass production, we have the corresponding modes of production and processing, reducing production lead time, improving resource utilization efficiency, to meet customer’s satisfaction.
    Quality control
    For mass order manufacturing, quality and stability overrides everything else.  Our strict quality control system can meet the different requirement in the industry like medical, automobile, telecommunication, etc
    Process optimization
    We have an excellent team of engineers, those have solid theoretical knowledge, practical experience. We can continue to find problems in the process, to solve the problem, continuous improvement process, in order to constantly improve quality, processing efficiency at the same time, the processing cost savings for customers .
    Processing scale
    We own more than 10 CNC processing center equipments, including imported and domestic, and some other ancillary processing equipment as well. We can be engaged in one piece, mass order processing, and also design, manufacture and assembly for all kinds of Clamping fixture. Meanwhile, we are equipped with high-precision testing equipment, like second element, two-dimensional height of instrument. Hexagon coordinate measuring machine, etc. By our strict quality control system, we can provide more stable, reliable product and services to our customers.
    System assembly
    We have a professional engineering team, according to customer requirements to develop a rigorous and meticulous assembly of the SOP, subsystem assembly and functional testing of the customer's completed by our experienced fitters intensive and assembly testing team to meet the deep-seated needs of customers for product components .
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