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    Shenzhen Reetech Precision Components Ltd
    Add:Floor 1-2,Building A, BAISHUNJIA Industrial Park, Shangshijia, Gongming, Guangming District, Shenzhen, China
    TEL:+86 755 27416258                 FAX:+86 755 29860848
    Email:alina@reetech.com.cn            Website:www.reetech.com.cn
    Reetech is a company dedicated to CNC precision machining,we can provide Precision Components,Precision Machined Components Fabrication,Precision Parts Processing,Precision Mechanical Parts Processing,CNC Milling,CNC Machining,CNC Turning,CNC Machined parts,Custom Fabrication Services,CNC Precision Parts, CNC Machining Precision Parts, Machining Parts,etc. 

    Reetech, specializing in CNC precision machining, consistent and trustworthy.

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